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Here is the latest from Georg Thaler from Lomography in Vienna, They are finishing their newest batch of 35mm and 120 ASA 200 color slide film "X-Pro Slide 200"

Hi Steven

Thanks for your reply.

We are about to kick off finishing process for new 135 and 120 X-Pro film very soon, Im expecting to have new stock ready for the market within some weeks, Im afraid I cannot give you a very accurate date right now. Reg. your request where we pack those films I cannot disclose detailed info, but let me tell you we are doing this with a very close fellow company, its more or less like our own factory.

I will get back to you reg. the supposed yellow problem soon, our staff in all of our regions has already started with the tests.

Thank you very much & Have a nice weekend!!

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lomographic society international

hollergasse 41

1150 vienna





Its also very interesting to see that Lomography are suppling this and colour negative films in the 110 format!
If anything is going to keep colour film going strong, i think lomography is playing a big part in it.