It's still weird that some people get different results with exactly the same set ups, distilled water, etc. I mean for example processing of Fomapan reversal : I cannot get a transparent base without use of KSCN, although many forumers all over the world can (there are others who can't, as well). This stays a mystery. The problem has a solution, but well, what's the reason for such differences if really all factors are fixed ? Besides, KSCN doesn't necessary cause loss of density, or ''quality'' (whatever that means to you), it depends on the concentration used. Images speak for itselves (even though telecine is crappy) : Fomapan R100, exposed 100ASA processed in Dokumol 1+9, 5g/L KSCN, 20C, 13 min :

Will try Eukobrom for less contrast, I guess.