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I have some tetenal hardener somewhere
do you think that would work ?
Tetenal hardener is Alum based which means it needs pH lower than 5 to work. Since it is normally used together with fixer, the hardener alone will likely have very low pH. Too low a pH can also soften the gelatin, which means you may actually make the problem worse if you are not careful with this product.

Even if you get the pH up to 4.5 or so I still can't tell you whether it will completely solve your problem but it will be an important step in the right direction. Try it with a test clip before you commit a whole roll of film.
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i also found 500ml Buffered Formalin 10% on the web in England
would that be an appropriate dilution
PhotoEngineer once gave a recipe for E6 final rinse which asked for a few ml of Formalin 37% per liter of final rinse. With your 10% Formalin you should use about 20 ml per liter hardener. Don't use 10% Formalin as it is likely too strong for hardening, and make sure you read the safety instructions before using Formalin.