Thanks Charley! I'm amazed no one has snapped this up yet! It's such a nice camera, and will do more than people expect of it!

BTW, I did find a crack in one dark slide, but I've covered it with 1" cellophane tape on both sides. The new owner can also use a black permanent marker on the tape, over the crack, for more protection. Or go to a hardware store and find a small sheet of aluminum! I've seen these at several hardware stores such as Lowes; look for a bin with brass, copper and aluminum stock of various shapes, thicknesses and lengths. Hobby Lobby may have something that can be used. Not really an issue, unless you intend to take more than 9 pix on an outing. Even then, you can use a changing bag to swap out exposed film for new and bypass the cracked dark slide altogether.

One person did ask about the film, so I'm mention it again. If I remember correctly (a surgery gone bad damaged my memory), it's 100 ASA Arista B&W film, 8" x 10". You can cut it in half for use with the 4" x 5" back I made, but you'll have to buy 4" x 5" holders, as none come with this kit. I'm not sure of the expiration date, but I'm pretty confident it's been refrigerated its whole life.

Well, maybe another lens will make the sale!! Indy needs a new catalytic converter!!!