The reason they "seem stuck in the sleeve" is because they are.

First, leave the film to dry longer. Resist the temptation to sleeve your freshly processed film. Moisture often accumulates in the sprockets or elsewhere on the roll, especially at the bottom. If you're in a hurry to print freshly processed film, use a hair dryer at a distance and on low heat but remember you may be blowing stuff onto your wet negs that you don't want to do.

As far as sleeving, my preference is glassine over plastic. (BH in NYC has glassine sleeves, among other outfits that sell them). But once you're stuck, rather than forcing it out, get some photo-flo solution (Kodak), mix a capfull in a pint or so of water, carefully slit the sleeve open as best you can without forcing it off the stuck image, then immerse the sleeve in that solution until it either comes loose on its own or you can gently pry the sleeve off the film. Rewash it, photo-flo it and hang it out to really thoroughly dry in a preferably dust-free environment.
Take it light ;>)