I have thought (drooled) over an XPan many times over past few years, but I never got one mostly because of the price. But I was always attracted by the format and compact size of the camera.

So yesterday while browsing the *Bay I just came across one quite good looking XPan with the 45 lens for more than reasonable price - I took a few minutes to think & check (as far as possible) - and bought it. Now - 24 hours later the camera is on its way and I can not wait

Me and my wife are leaving for a vacation in a week - the XPan comes along. To make sure it gets proper work out I am leaving my Mamiya 6 at home (a tough deception to be honest, but I do take my 4x5" field setup).

I have also ordered 5 rolls of Acros, 2 rolls of Agfa Scala (my first try with the film) and 2 rolls of Ektar (I have some Velvia 50 too, but since I do not have the centre filter, I will rather wait with that) and a yellow filter too.

So - what else am I going to need? Any advice how to start? How is the in-camera metering? I have Gossen Digisix, but would actually prefer to let the camera to meter.

I am so excited