Alex, I agree. The close focusing distance is very attractive with the FX-N. My understanding is that not much has change inside the camera. The price hike is probably dictated by the very low sales (the camera is produced on demand). The FX can be had for about 3500 € new, the FX-N at 5000 € is a tough call. Still less than M240 without a lens I think it will take a long time until first used FX-N pops on the market. It is going to be collectors camera from the start.

I do not yet have a 'business case' that would allow me to get the FX-N (and stay married ) and I have to be honest at that price I would almost certainly get an insurance for it if I were to carry it on regular basis (which is the intention)

Anyhow - since I have just pulled a trigger on an XPan (just could not resist) I really first need to get the Toyo VX125 off my hands before I can think of the FX.