Tonite I've made another attempt in my never-ending quest.
This time I've reduced the Pq Universal to 1+9, 9 minutes, Kodak style inversions, 20C, plus 0,3g/300ml hypo.
Bleach and clear as usual.
Then Iron Out 2 teaspoons in 300ml distilled water for 6 minutes.
Then Kodak Rapid Selenium Toner 10ml/300ml for 10 minutes.
Fomapan 100 classic reacts to this with a light chocholate red brown hue, very interesting. It's not red, it's not warm toned.
The selenium toner has counteracted the light image caused by the hypo and added much contrast. The DMax is finally there, can't get better than this. I must project the images to have the final say.