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It is kind of interesting that Lomography seems to have a very close working relationship with Maco/Rollei but won't really comment, Remember! "Seems" is the word I am emphasizing here so don't rush to conclusions, LOL!

Would it be a safe bet to assume Maco/Rollei is now quite aware of the "Yellow" problem?

Oh, Hey! let's see if FreestylPhoto.biz in Hollywood has received its newest shipment of "CR-200", Perhaps some FreestylePhoto employees are taking a roll or two for a test drive?
Perhaps they do, but if so they probably havnt done anything about it unless we see all the new stocks of CR-200 perform properly.
Either way, a master roll is a large amount of film, what i want to know is if the master roll was faulty from AGFA, or if the film that Rollei bought from AGFA was stored incorrectly at some point?
I tend to think the problem was in the stock purchased from AGFA, i dont think it would be a faulty master roll, or else Wittner would have been experiencing the same problems with the yellowing.
The good news is that the demand of this film will have increased if Lomography and Wittner-Cinetec are now buying it, that means that AGFA will continue supplying the film as long as there is the demand for it.