I have attached a 0.672mm pinhole to my 5x7 wooden plate camera. It is dark outside and my only lighting has been 1 40W incandescent bulb and one of the new fluorescent bulbs that are taking the place of incandescent bulbs for home use. The bulbs are both near the ceiling. Even without taking much time for my eyes to adjust, I am able to look through the ground glass and discern objects . This is very good news for me, as I like to be able to see my image before I waste a plate. The pinhole was made for me by BOWART. ,an APUG member. He made the holes by drilling/filing under projected magnification. I have recently tried to contact him, but he has not responded. I am very encouraged by tonight's observations. I will have some much smaller pinholes etched. I am just working with what I have for now.