First, apologies for all the "this camera is nice - what do you think?" threads. I've been in the midst of finalizing my setup for some upcoming events. I mainly use Nikon 35mm and Pentax 645 but want to add a small silent camera as a second B&W camera. Looked at Pentax, Bessa, etc etc etc.

So I love the OM series. My uncle's OM1 with the lenses he left with me have been really cool and have such an amazing look to them. The viewfinder on the OM1 is completely mindblowing. It's better than some rangefinders I've used (IMO). And the camera is relatively quiet.

I found a pretty decent looking OM4. I've done some research on the OM4 and I've read about battery issues (take out the battery, set it to "B" or "1/60" so it doesn't drain... in a few months). Anyways, the one I found was not only in great shape but was shutter tested with some sort of machine AND it has a 30 day warranty. My question is: Is the OM4 still a pretty reliable camera to use these days or are there other issues beyond the battery issues that come up?

(I may even pick up an OM1 backup sooner or later just to give my uncle's camera a rest )