Fellow member Henning Serger and others published the outcome of a test they did on these mounts.

They tested these films:

all slide films from Fuji, Kodak, AgfaPhoto, Rollei, , Adox, Foma. Including those on PET-base as Superpan 200, Retro 80S, Agfa Copex Rapid, Adox CMS 20 II), sowie dem Agfa Scala 200X, Adox Silvermax und Fomapan R.

with these projectors:

Leica Pradovit PC with Leica Super-Colorplan 2,5/90, Kindermann Silent 2500 with Docter-Optics 2,4/90 MC-B, Zeiss Ikon Royal AF selektiv with Carl Zeiss P-Sonnar 2,5/90, Leica RA 150 with Leica Colorplan 2,5 /90, Rolleivision MSC 535 P and Rolleivision MSC 300 P with the Schneider lenses AV Xenotar 2,4/90 mm HFT, AV Xenotar 2,8/150 mm and Vario-Xenotar 3,5/70-120 mm.

"1. Flatness is very good, with very good sharpnes from center to edges.

2. A pronounced "popping" was not experienced with any film and with any projector.

3. At longer projection times (more than 30 sec.) in very few cases (less than 3%) focus had to be readjusted. But after adjusting again a very good, even sharpness over the whole Image area was gained.

The system of different tensioning frames is convincing and works very well. The evenness over the complete image area, with various types of film, is significantly better than with any other glass-less mount, including the Wess AHX 002, and is on par with glass Mounts. What slide-photographers had long been waiting for came to reality: A glass-less slide-mount that keeps film absolutely flat for projection with sharpness up into the edges, and still yields the ability for horizontal corrections.