I have two scanners and a printer that may be of interest to members in the Toronto/GTA area. They are available for pick-up at my home near Keele & Dundas West. Alternately, you could pick them up from me at the Image Arts building on the campus of Ryerson University, just around the corner from Yonge & Dundas (Dundas TTC Station), on the days when I am in the office. I would of course ship any of these but based on earlier quotes it may not be worthwhile. It is up to you. Assume shipping within Canada to be around $50+ and shipping to the US to be closer to $85 - $100. Detailed quote available for serious buyers. But hopefully someone locally will want these...

The printer is my own personal unit, which I am selling because I am upgrading to an R2880. I'm selling the transparency film with it because I want to start using the Pictorico Ultra stuff that is better with the K3 inks. The scanners are both units that came packaged with some gear I bought over the summer. I have a nice 4990 that I'm sticking with so I'm passing these two along. Everything functions perfectly and both scanners have both locks engaged. What this means is that the moving carriages in the lid and the body are both immobilized by locks that keep them from being banged around in transportation. If you are buying a used scanner you need to ask the buyer if they have locked the unit before shipping or carting it to you. If they respond by saying "locks...what locks?" then you need to politely decline and look for another seller, because the scanners will likely be way out of calibration by the time they arrive at your door!

PRINTER - $200
Canon PIXMA ip4300 *complete* kit...before you think "oh get serious! I thought you meant a BIG printer!", this is a great little workhorse. It includes well over $400 worth of unopened, unexpired Canon ink and unopened 5-star grade Canon paper, as well as two unopened packages of Inkpress transparency film for alternative processes. And when I say well over $400 I mean at B&H prices, not at Henry's prices. In Canadian retail terms the included ink and media would be more in the range of $650+, in addition to the printer. While the printer itself isn't a pricey item it is no longer made and has certain virtues. It does auto-duplexing, which was really handy for making artist books. This was my main use for it...alongside printing proofs for work-in-progress critiques in my program (I'm a senior photo student at Ryerson). It also prints really well onto CDs/DVDs, which was a feature I used to make my catalog DVDs for the past year. The disc tray in included, as well as a spare disc tray (was randomly included in the box...a packing error in your favour!), as well as a the clear plastic cover that goes on the bottom paper cassette when it is pulled out into the active position. And for alternative processes you can get great mileage from a dye printer like this by using the RNP Array system...super simple...http://www.inkjetnegative.com/images/RNP/rnp.htm

SCANNER #1 - $125
The first scanner is an Epson 4870. Comes with all original holders and works great. Fully functioning in all regards, this scanner has a transparency unit that lets you scan film up to 4x5" (in holders) or 6x9" (taped to glass or simply laid on the platen). Of course it also functions as a perfectly good 8.5x11" reflective scanner. Comes with holders for 35mm strip, 35mm mounted slide, medium format, and 4x5. Also comes with original drivers disc, manual, and a licensed version of Silverfast AI on original CD.

SCANNER #2 - $100
The second scanner is an Epson 2450. It is an earlier version of scanner #1. This one is in like-new condition and I don't think it has been used much at all. Comes with all original holders, discs and manual.