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Thanks for the last image Mark. Is that your camera? Did you take it off yourself? If so, do you turn it CW or CCW? Did you have to use alot of force to get it to turn?
Yes got the cover off myself. CCW is the direction. This is the second time it's been off just to show what it looks like for this post. The first time it was pretty tight. What is important in removal is having a tool of sorts that can apply "torque" equally to both of the holes to turn the cover. I don't have the correct tool, but used a pair of diagonal wire cutters that had points sharp enough to get a grab on the holes being careful to not let it slip out of the holes. I'm' not sure if this would have been an appropriate tool... http://www.amazon.com/Spanner-Wrench.../dp/B004WLMIBW (I should get something like this for removal of retaining rings on lenses).

Yes this is my camera. A local photographer that had quit wedding photography had the Pentax 645 with 80mm lens on Craigslist stating it worked fine . Went to look at it and when I tried to pop the AA battery pack out it was stuck. Finally got it out to find a corroded mess. He sold me the kit for $30 do to the condition. Took some effort, but got the camera cleaned up and working again as can be seen below. I have several other medium format cameras, but I couldn't pass on a deal.