We have several small plastic tubs full of light bulbs of all kinds, various extension cords, miscellaneous household repair stuff (screws, nails, wood glue, etc), and cables for all sorts of electronics: audio, video, computer monitors, network cables, USB cables of all sorts, and even cords for land line telephones (even though we no longer have such a phone). Mostly these hoarded things have come in handy, saving me a trip to the store to buy a single expensive item when I have it on hand here. I do sometimes wonder why I still have the phone cords, however... My parents both grew up on farms and were children of the Great Depression. My father in particular is the sort of person who can and will fix nearly anything, as long as he has the tools and the parts. So he has two storage sheds full of stuff he has accumulated over the past 50 years or so, but all of it is potentially useful, and he proves it time and time again when something breaks and he doesn't have to pay to get it fixed.