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Kevin, if you already have Rodinal and want finer grain while using it, I know of two ways (there are surely others): Salt and Sodium Sulfite. I have never tried the Sulfite, but I do use salt occasionally. Use sea salt or table salt without the iodine. 30g/l will do it. I have read that salt may cause dichroic fogging with modern films, but I haven't experienced it yet. You may also lose some film speed with the salt FYI since from what I understand the salt acts as a restrainer. Maybe Ian can shed some light on that. Salt is a good option for you to try since it is easy to get and it works. Good luck.
A good way to test yourself if this is a good method for you.
Shoot a whole film on a single scene "at once" (all 36 frames). If possible put your camera on a tripod and use a camera with motorwind. Take a scene with some contrast & details. Preferably under circumstances with a steady lighting during shooting (avoid days where the sun comes & goes because of clouds, etc.).
Then cut the exposed film in half and develop each part separately (with & without added salt, or whatever the factor is) to see what the effects are. Keep all the other factors (temp, agitating, developing times, ....) identical to eliminate a combination of effects. This way you're certain what factor causes what deviations in results.
Can you see any difference? And do you like it?