I recently purchased one of these http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B00C665QY..._am_gb?ie=UTF8, which has 24 LEDs in a single bulb. It is equivalent to about a 40-50w incandescent bulb and is completely safe. I've been using it for lith printing with total times for the paper bring exposed to the light of almost an hour. This includes Forte polywarmtone which can be dodgy even under a dim red safelight for long exposures.

Having previously worked with one very dim 15w bulb behind thick red plastic it is a joy to use. There is no need for a safe torch from judging the shadows of my lith prints, I can see them come up clearly. The bulb gives a 120 degree angle of coverage which covers the whole of my darkroom nicely.

There is no way I would ever go back yo incandescent bulbs.