My beloved KMV 8x10 was stolen from my truck yesterday (Sat, 6/22/13) parked out front of my gallery and studio.

No serial number recorded (do they have one?) but had a new (i installed) bellows from Western bellows, a thin page magnifier fresnel over the GG on back, and a custom KMV to Teknika adaptor panel on front. The top of the adaptor lensboard had a simple aluminum piece, about 3/4" long and 1/2"wide with a brass tight down screw (looked like a table lamp piece). A not too good of a mock up photo attached.

No straps on bellows, a few chips on bottom base..

It was also in a Photobackpacker case for 8x10. The RPT embossed logo on case.
So, I have a police report, have handed out fliers to some local antique and pawn stores and notified a few local guys who are out at camera shows and looking for treasures.

So, since they rarely come up for sale, please notify me if you become aware of one anywhere, anytime. Reward offered. Thanks

Oh, and pretty sure whomever snatched it knows nothing about large format as they left the case of three lenses I had..worth more than the camera.

That's it...
951 204 1451