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Specs in the link above says bellows draw is 16 inch.
Large format press cameras with rangefinders have a maximum of 1 1/8 inches/28mm of movement from infinity to end of travel/closest focus distance.
Applying that to the specs a lens that will infinity focus at 14 7/8 inches from the film plane is usable. 1 1/8=1.125; 16-1.125=14.875; 1 inch = 25.4mm; 14.875*25.4= 377.825mm.
A 350-360mm lens will focus to 10 to 15 feet on a 16 inch bellows for standard photography.
For 1:1 a 8 inch/203mm lens is the longest that can be used.
Telephoto lens are another subject for someone else to discuss.
Great! So a 360mm lens would work for a longish lens, then. I've read that true telephoto lenses don't need as much draw as non-tele types.