As per my previous question, I'll be in Canadia shortly. I've managed to get our flights split at Vancouver and will have probably 11 days there at the beginning of September.

While realising that this is an unanswerable question that will start nearly as many fights as "what is the best developer", what do we go see? I'm not a ski-bunny so Whistler doesn't appeal. Something that looks like Whistler but isn't covered in people might be good, but I'm assuming there won't be much snow yet, or will there?

We think we'll spend maybe 3-4 days in the city proper as a change of pace from Nova Scotia and then we'd like to book a cheap weekly accommodation somewhere maybe out of the city and use it as a base for a bunch of sightseeing. Should we do that in Vancouver itself and take daytrips from there or are we better off staying somewhere like Kelowna or Nanaimo?