Here you have a Kowa SE which years ago came to me in a box lot purchase. The seller said he thought it could be repaired...and he was right. If you were to install a new pentaprism, focus screen, shutter, meter, gear train, film door and all the other parts which had been stripped out of it, you probably could make it work again. So hoping to make lemonade out of a big fat lemon, I turned it into a camera to use only for infinity testing. And anyone who knows me already knows one of the first things I do when I get a camera is to try to determine how accurate the focus is, because many are out of whack. I modified the Kowa to work as a backsighting target or collimator target, and with it and a light behind it, you can see how right or how wrong the infinity focus is for any SLR or SLR lens. If you're not familiar with this, you can get an idea on my friend Rick Oleson's page:

For $2 plus the cost of postage, you too can have your very own super-duper (albeit ugly) collimator. And it does work nicely.

Questions? Please ask.