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I had one leak in shirt pocket, on the afternoon I had a job interview. Too far from home to go change, so I went anyway.

When I got to the lobby, they told me I had to wear a visitor badge. It covered the stain perfectly, and I got the job. Was told later that they liked how relaxed I seemed, and how cheerful I was. After finding the badge hid the stain, I was a lot less stressed, and a very happy guy.

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You got the job for demonstrating creativity under pressure.


I just picked up a fine-point black Pilot V-Pen from a stationary store in Japantown... $4.35 at that shop, looks like the same website with the preppy pen has it and the US "Varsity".

On one hand it's great, crack the shrink wrap and get writing immediately. But it's a disposable pen and I'm sure soon as I get used to it, it'll run out of ink.

Long-term I think a crow's feather would be a better value.