I don't mean to start yet another thread on this, but my question is very pointed and I could not find the specific info. I've read enough threads, and used different brands, and just need a tiny piece of information. I am NOT asking for opinions on what is best.

Are Hewes stainless reels pretty much the same, or do they have different models?

Most of my darkroom equipment is used, and while it works, I'm at a point where I want to purchase new (when my car allows me, as repairs are tapping me out at the moment). I've decided on Hewes stainless reels.
We've no shops that sell these items locally, so I'll have to buy online, which means I can't hold it and make sure it is what I want. Pictures don't always show the right angle, and can be stock images that don't always reflect the product sold.

I like how the 220 reel holds the film with a clip, but the 120 appears to have a spring (from photos I've seen). Is it as good/easy as the 220 in this respect?
I like how the 35mm reel holds the film by the perfs, are all new Hewes of this design, or is it a specific model?

Basically, I want to make sure I buy what I intend.