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Ah, even this fine forum is not safe from Internet trolls. They are easily ignored.

It works for me. No golf balls. If you can't figure out how to make stand development work for you, that's not a good reason to be rude to your forum mates. I hardly think you'd behave thusly in person. Shame!
Thin skin, perhaps? Calling someone a troll because your technique is questionable makes you feel better? And don't forget: The Size of Grain is NOT related to the degree of shaking. Just by this statement one quickly realizes that you don't understand the subject. You want fine grain out of a coarse grain film? Use a fine grain developer. The least amount of time in the developer, the smaller the grain will be.

When you wash your hands, do you scrub your hands against each other or do you simply leave them soaking in soapy water for 30 minutes without moving them in hope to get them clean? Stand-washing technique? The same goes for developing film: The whole point of shaking the can is to remove exhausted developer to make way for fresh developer. By not shaking the can you jeopardize the contrast as well as the evenness of development. You're basically killing the film's native contrast curve. What a bad thing to do.

Out of the 10,000 films that I have successfully developed, it took me 3 stand development trials to come up with garbage negatives. Never again!

If anything, you should thank me for being direct and because I have given you GOOD advice. But no, you prefer to call people trolls just because you don't get the free ego stroke you're expecting. Rather sad.