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Vietnamese in particular I suspect I'll be missing badly after 3 weeks in Nova Scotia.
Go to Phnom Phem in China Town, best beef salad rolls in town, bo-lu-lac and garlic prawns....

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Yep, we definitely like hiking (typically spent 8+ hours/day walking on previous travels, but that was just 2 of us). Now, we'll have a 13-mo-old girl along who will be in a backpack. That means I'm carrying the child on front (9kg? she's small) and cameras (10kg) on back so won't be doing any huge ascents or distances and probably can't hike in the rain. 5km sections with good rests should be OK; probably 10km if I can share child-carrying duties.
Ha a man to my heart.
Rent a car in Vancouver, rent a room with kitchen in Whistler (it is low season so good rates) i.e. Blackcomb a little outside of the hubbub and go hiking from there. Just make a stop in the village for a cold one on the way back.
I can recommend Brandywine Meadows/Glacier (outside of the more popular Garibaldi park with Black Tusk:-) ) nice and quiet. Toward Pemberton I do like Joffre Lakes and of course a little bit more popular the whole Garibaldi provincial park. I have a few out of the beaten tracks hikes but require a 4x4 and knowing well the places. It is worth taking 3 or 4 days there.

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sly: I think I'll have to PM you. We'll have to look into car rental costs in Nanaimo vs the ferry costs because I really want to see more of the island than just the towns at the south.
Tofino is totally worth it. Should consider also Denman and Hornby Islands on the way North and there are a few more pass Campbell river. Maybe a stop in Comox and going up Mount Washington. Strachona park is beautiful and wild but more backpacking so likely out.

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mosport: my wife will be all over the smoked fish
What about oysters? look for Little Wings and Kushi a delight.

Well that should pretty much take care of the 11 days before you even realize it.
ps: in Vancouver hike Mount Seymour nice easy and beautiful views.