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Would Guilliaume Zuili's work be "improved" by availing himself of the characteristics of a larger format film?

IMO, absolutely not. In fact I think a step up in format might just ruin it.
You obviously feel very strongly about this. So there is no point in discussing it because I don't really see you changing your mind. I will say though I would not apply or deny any technique to an entire body of work either mine or somebody else's. I look at each scene and decide individually what they do or do not need. And even after I make a print I second guess myself and ask other people their opinions. There are a dizzying number of possibilities even in the shrunken film world. There is simply no way I could allow myself to navigate this field as an absolutist. Even if I end up leaning heavily on a condensed repertoire of techniques for financial and work flow reasons that does not mean I don't think my work could benefit from other styles or materials.