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LF photography has always intrigued me but I have never taken the leap. I know that you can enter 4x5 relatively cheap me but many of the large format images that I like were shot on 8x10...

1. Are there any fashion/portrait photographers that used mostly 4x5. I really like the work from roversi, avedon, and demarchelier to name but I believe they used 8x10 and iin that industry it makes sense to "skip" 4x5..

2. Is there a cheap 8x10 settup? Learning 4x5 would be more practical/cheaper for sure but if 8x10 is what I like, then maybe that is where I should start. Well this is just a thought. I figured that 8x10 is exponentially more expensive but I have never looked into it. Starting with LF with something cheap like a Graflex seems more logical.
Karsh shot in 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10. If you wanted to do mainly portraits and studio photographs, you could save yourself some money by learning on something like a 4x5 Crown Graphic. You won't need a lot of movements because that kind of photography is mainly about lighting and exposure. The problem with starting with 8x10 is that every mistake is much more expensive. A box of 25 sheets of 4x5 FP4 is $28.95 at B&H. A box of 25 sheets of 8x10 FP4 is $94.95. And if it really is just studio lighting and exposure you want to learn, you could do that in medium format and when you have the hang of it, get yourself a studio 8x10, which will not be nearly as expensive as an 8x10 for use in the field.