So far the forum has been a great help to me. I've never had a reason to start a post because the information always was already there. However, this time I need a little bit more help.

Years ago I obtained stainless steel reels to develop 135 and 120 film. Never used them because I was happy with all my Paterson stuff. But over the years I became more critical and found developing streaks in clear skies - even with pre-washing. After some research, I found out that the plastic Paterson reels are not spacious enough for the developer to work equally. Stainless steel reels might solve my problem, I thought.

I developed a 120 film like I always did, but this time in a plastic LPL tank and one 120 reel (only fits one reel).
Pre-wash 1 min.
Develop about 7 min, TMX in TMX developer 1+4, agitation two times every 30 secs.
Stop, fix and wash in the usual way.
During these steps my tank was always completely filled.

The result: over the length of the film the density is thicker than on the inside, so it developed faster on the top and bottom of the reel. What have I done wrong? I assume my agitation method is wrong with this tank/reel, but I'm not sure. Or is there something wrong with my equipment?

I dearly would like to know what other people think about this. Thanks in advance.