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Sounds like an interesting experiment and a lot of fun to me. Especially testing for the differences between "shaking & standing" developing. I'm going to try this myself also, but I'll do it with Ilford FP4+. Would be nice to see if there is a difference between methods and films.
And if we both use a Leica M5 with 35 mm or 50 mm Summicron at the same f-stop (aperture) we even minimize the "lens factor" as well.

I read about stand developing not so long ago, but don't know where anymore. I'm going to find that book first. Maybe it was The Edge Of Darkness (Barry Thornton) or The Negative (Ansel Adams) or The Film Developing Cookbook (Troop & Anchell) or Experimental Photography Workbook (Christina Z. Anderson)?
Attachment 70688 or Attachment 70689 or Attachment 70690 or Attachment 70691 ???

I'll let you know where what was said about stand developing. If you like, I can scan the pages and mail it to you (if so, send me a PM with your mail address).

About the salt, I have no experience with adding salt, but it seems to me it should be dissolved completely. I would heat water, add salt, let it dissolve and cool down and then add the right amount of (concentrated) salt water to the developer.

"Have fun and catch that lightbeam"
Bert from Holland
Excellent idea. Obviously there's no problem with the M5 but the lens might be a problem. I have a Canon Serenar 50 1.8 (similar to Zeiss I think) and was going to shoot at f/5.6 on a tripod. We're currently enjoying a sunny day with blue skies here in the UK (yes, really), so now's as good a time as any.