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When the thread title is "Upset at the actions of the photo lab", the photo lab's obligations under the law have everything to do with the discussion. Your opinion about the law doesn't absolve the photo lab of any responsibilities they may have under Australian law.
Yes, but read that law and I think you'll agree that a simple bare bum in a photo does not constitute child abuse.

In this case, according to the description of the photo which we were given and interpreting the summary of the law which we were shown, I think it's pretty clear that the photo lab AND the police applied that law incorrectly.

Incorrect, negligent and/or discriminatory application of a law against one person for arbitrary reasons is a redressable offense.

Yes, this is Australian law but I'll say it again. It doesn't matter if you're in Adelaide or Albuquerque. You can't just make up laws and you can't decide when to apply them. You have to go by what is written.

According to what I read, the laws in question were interpreted incorrectly, applied incorrectly and, in my opinion, they were applied NEGLIGENTLY.