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On keh there is a champagne om4t for $200 in bgn condition. For $300 there has been a number of completed auctions on eBay for om3 models at that price range. Unless its pristine in box I think the price is a bit high. Maybe worth it if it's been cla'ed by someone that specializes in Olympus cameras, as the quality of cla's can vary.

Thanks for the price considerations. While it is pricey, I'm thinking the 30 day warranty on it plus it looking extremely clean (no marks at all from what i can see) and the ability to play with it in person is worth a little bit of the extra cash. Plus, there's no shipping charge, which can sometimes push the numbers up.

I will definitely think about it. Don't think a CLA was done but the condition seems really good.

KEH shipping to Canada is horribly expensive I've found but ($60 minimum) plus possible customs charges on the way up....