Alright, I'm starting to fall behind in commenting on cards.

A lovely colour image from ndrs arrived today. I like the irreverant nature of the hat in the grass.

Uwe's thistles were the first to arrive. The toning/paper really works with this image.

Edward Bray's GWR Pannier Tank 6430 and Autocoach W225 is exactly the kind of train image I would like to take but can never really find (esp. here in Japan!)

I went to the Olympic Stadium on my first trip to Montreal in '96, I like the angle you decided to shoot it from Andrew. A nice take on a Canadian icon.

And Marco Santa Cruz's dreamy beachscape is an early favourite, I love the soft quality of the light, water, and shadows.

Great start to the round so far! I'm in the process of developing a huge backlog of film from my trip to Thailand and Laos earlier this year, hopefully something will reveal itself to be worthy of this exchange!