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Yes, I'm hoping a 6,5x9 Voigtlander Avus would have the correct size shutter and if I could locate one of those…This lens was supposed to fit it. it's listed in the manual as an accessory. But i think that sort of shutter should be pretty commonly used on cameras in that period? an Ibsor or Compur of the right size?
You would probably need to find a shutter which originally mounted that particular lens, unless you know the correct spacing you'll be guessing. Shutters of that era were far less standardised than today; for instance I have two pre WWII lenses mounted in the same size Compound shutters, both the threads and the tube lengths are different. Perhaps you can find and measure the shutter of an identical lens to get the dimensions you need. As I pointed out, spacing is critical - just because the cells screw in does not mean they are correctly spaced.