Hey everybody with a (few) Paxette(s)!!

These things have a way of piling up, don't they? Especially the lenses. When the bodies stop working the lenses endure Who doesn't have Staeble Choros coming out of their ears? I do-- as well as Cassarits etc. But somehow I've ended up with 2 of the apparently sought after (and very pricy for Paxette) 85mm Quinars. I only need one, so I'd like to trade it for other lenses. If you have the Zeiss 50mm Tessar or any Schneider or an RF-coupled Roeschlein Luxon 50mm or 39mm Enna stuff, let me know.

Maybe we could start a Paxette lens trading post here on this thread. Hope everyone is well.

C Ritter