My Planar finally gave up the ghost yesterday. It was already suffering from a broken DOF preview tab and a pretty big speck of something between the elements (never noticed anything in the images from it, but I still didn't like seeing it in there). Now the shutter is busted.

I'm extremely weary of dealing with faulty equipment, so my first requirement in is that its refurb'd incarnation or its replacement be in E or better condition (mechanically and optically flawless, with some light signs of usage). So repairing it would involve fixing the shutter, removing the dust speck, replacing the DOP preview tab, and a CLA. Looks like it should cost around $550 to buy a replacement C or CF T* (either of which would be fine with me) in that condition.

My question: will it be more prudent to a) replace it, or b) have it repaired, and if b), who would you recommend for the work?

On a side note, I'm a web developer by trade, so if any of you technicians out there would consider trading labor for labor, or if someone has a spare lying around and wants to take my current lens for parts as part of the deal, let me know. Basically I'm interested in any options that reduce my cash out pocket.