this problem thin shadow, normal highlight) will not be a issue for either enlarger. from my experience, It is the other way around. over exposed and over developed negs, that make it difficult to print with"snap"!!. if your shadows are a little thin, I am assuming 1/2 stop? under, then I guess you will get some good blacks, since there is less there. I can not say for sure, because I do not know the C.I. I mean where are you highlights compared? did you have a normal scene to begin with? then give normal dev? or did you have a low contrast scene to begin with? or did you have a high contrast scene? did you add or substract dev. time, what was your aggitation like? do you have good micro contrast, but not good over all contrast? what developer are you using? how much carbonate do you have grams/L? how much restrainer are you using? I think many people/beginners gravitate to condenser because they do not know how to control anything else (film developer/film, paper developer, paper, toning. and "THAT" (meaning condenser- 5 filter) contrast impresses them. getting a good black. you can acheive delicate highlights, smooth tonality+ excellent blacks on either, if you know what you are doing. whats easier????????????? who knows, a micro point.