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People can fault his technique or make fun of his homemade cameras or even make fun of his appearance BUT the fact remains that he made photographs. Despite obvious hardship he has amassed a body of work that is distinctly his own. One that other people appreciate. How many on APUG can say the same for themselves. He did not waste his time in mindless testing of films or in the endless search for the perfect developer. He went out and mirabile dictu actually took pictures. I think there is a lesson here.
How does one test films and search for the perfect developer without taking pictures?

I think to imply someone who doesn't think much of this person's work doesn't have a collection of their own is a bit of a non sequitur. Not everyone is going to agree on every artist. What does that have to do with how productive they are as an artist?

As far as body of work is concerned the main constraint for most of us I believe is time (work/family constraints) and money (film ain't free). I don't think anyone has ever said I don't have many pictures because I've spent years testing films and searching for the perfect developer.

I don't like this guy's work at all. It hurts my eyes. It is uncomfortable to look at. If someone else wants to look at it that is their choice. That doesn't say anything about them or me as a photographer. I like Ansel Adams' work, but he seems like a internet favorite for using as a punching bag. There are far better photographers than me who have said Ansel doesn't do it for them. I argue with people about their opinions not their personal portfolio.