I have 3 viewfinders that I'll likely never use as I'm quite happy with my two rangefinders, Canon VT with a 50mm and a Canonet QL17 GIII. So, buy these and put them to use and help me enjoy my time in France this summer, knowing I won't have as much stuff waiting for me when I get back.

I'm in 92116 San Diego, CA, USA and take Paypal (no gift!) or money order if you can get it to me relatively quickly. I'll ship via USPS and get tracking numbers/insurance in case something happens.

One: Canon 28mm. $50 shipped CONUS, $50 plus shipping worldwide.

Two: Canon 85mm bright line. $75 shipped CONUS, $75 plus shipping worldwide.

Three: Leica VIOOH, AKA IMARECT, AKA 35-135mm zoom. $50 shipped CONUS, $50 plus shipping worldwide.

Four: blue Walz shoe mount rangefinder. It's accurate compared to the internal rangefinders I have on hand, slightly dim but it looks pretty sweet on a fixed lens/scale mount example.

Five: Leica leather cases. I'm not sure what model they are for, but they are rated in terms of overall shape and priced accordingly. $50 for all, $35 for the best which is near new looking, $15 for the next and $5 for the one needing a re-sew.

Six: Yashica Lynx-1000. Seems to work, have not tested with film. Barrel is loose, rangefinder glass is loose and top would need to come off to fix it. Comes with lens cap, leather case and original manual. $15 plus shipping.

Seven: GAF Memo 35EE. Put a battery in it and it works, have not tested with film. Barrel slightly loose, shutter is slow on slow speeds. $10 plus shipping.

Eight: Leica Synchronblitzer in good shape, minimal corrosion. $10 plus shipping.

Nine: Cased Canon 50mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.8 rangefinder lens hood in black with slip-on/clamp adapter ring. Mint, case has the early Canon eagle logo. $20 plus shipping.

Ten: Canon 50mm f/1.8, 35mm f/2.8, 35mm f/3.2 rangefinder lens hood in silver (<EP> marked) with screw-in adapter ring. $15 plus shipping.

Eleven: Walz hood case in brown leather, good shape. Will not fit the 50mm f/1.8 hood, so maybe it's for a TLR hood?. $11.50 plus shipping.

Twelve: Canon early model camera holder with case. Did not fit the particular IVSB I had, so must be for the real early ones. $15 plus shipping.

Thirteen: Canon Lens Hood (for SLRs), W-60 x2, S-60. Should fit the FL series 50/55mm. $15 for all three, plus a screw-in hood for the EX 125mm f/3.5.

Fourteen: Olympus Stylus Epic. Got two, both are the gold version with the date back. One has the pano switch, I can include one case/original wrist strap. $40 each, $75 for both (plus shipping worldwide).

Fifteen: Original Yashica T model (precursor to the famed T3, T4 versions). Does not turn on, but wound film to starting point. Missing sliding top cover. $10 plus shipping.

Sixteen: Konica Big Mini. The one with backlight comp, silver. Turns on, but will not take a photo. $10 plus shipping.

Seventeen: Leica NOOKY HESUM in good shape. $20 plus shipping.

Eighteen: Leica red box for "Sliding focusing copying attachment" catalog number 70,325. $5 plus shipping.

Nineteen: Leitz NY black 15mm M39/LTM extension tube. $15 plus shipping.

Twenty: Leica M39/LTM extension tube set labeled as "Univ. Repro. M 1:1.5, 1:1. Heavy brass construction, with patina. $20 plus shipping.

Buy it all for $325 shipped, plus shipping worldwide.