From the late 1960s, here's an Akai M-10 Crossfield Reel to Reel tape recorder. This is something that definitely needs to be sold to somebody living in the DFW area because it is very heavy. How heavy you ask? I've carried grown goats that weighed less. Oh sure, they kicked and bleated more, but they were lighter. Seriously this is a 4 track recorder with 3 motors, sound-on-sound, auto reverse, button reverse, auto shut off, etc. So whether you're a guy or a girl, here's your chance to thumb your nose at MP3 players and cutesy "apps" that broadcast music and show your true stuff. I bought this in Fat Boy's Pawn Shop on Oak Lawn in 1974 and know very little of its life before me. The pawn broker thought it came back from Vietnam. I had it repaired once along the way...although now I can't remember who did the work or what was wrong.

I haven't used it in a while, hence it is part of the downsizing. That's the rule around here. Don't use it and you lose it. Now having said that, I put on a tape and fired it up seems to be doing just fine. As I'm typing, I'm listening to Marvin Gaye singing up a storm back there, in fact. Oh, Marvin finished and now I've got "Look Through Any Window". Man does that take me back to another time.

This has some small chips in the veneer on the corners, etc but basically it still looks very good. Think of it as a time machine: Get a 7 inch reel (and I'll include for free all the reels of tape I have--at least ten 7 inch reels I think, all in boxes), record your favorite music at 3 3/4, mix a popular drink from the past...maybe some Harvey Wallbanger's or just get a bottle of Mateus Rose or wait...something Hemingway would have enjoyed (like Pernod for example) and then you and your significant other shoot the afternoon listening. Just listening and thinking and whatever comes naturally. Within a couple of hours you won't have any idea what year it is and you won't give a red rat's ah, that is to won't care.

$100 for a bona fide time machine. Local (DFW area) sale only, please. No PayPal.

If questions, please ask.