My Craigslist find came through. I now have a Beseler 23C II sitting in my "darkroom".

Its a silver anniversary model from 1981, if the label is to be believed. It appears to be in good shape overall.

Got a few questions:

- The panel in the front that says "23C" flips up. Isn't that where the 'heat shield' goes. Mine doesn't have one. Do I need one? Can I make one from hardware-store parts?

- Two lenses were included: A Schneider-Kreuznach Durst Componon 105mm f/5.6 and a Vivitar VHE 50mm f/3.5. I'm guessing that the Vivitar is worthless. I the Schneider something I could start with for 6x7 format? Is it a decent lens?

- I got three negative carriers (#8074, #8060 and #8053). Unfortunately, none are sized for 6x7. I think I want a #8328. Is that right? Also, Is glassless vs glass a big deal?

Thanks for helping a beginner out!!