For me my Leica and Contax metal cassettes work the best for me. They are very, very sturdy and can be loaded over and over. There is no felt to scratch the film and the cameras open the cassettes when they are loaded. Of course these will only work in my Leica LTM cameras and Zeiss Ikon cameras (Contaflex, Contarex, and Contax.) I do understand though that there is a similar metal cassette made for the early M cameras as well as early Nikon and Canon cameras. I have no experience with these.

Next, I have been having decent luck with the plastic ones, though I have not used them as long as the others. I have to spread the felt edges apart to slide the film through and I do suspect that this will eventually wear enough to have light leaks, but I do not know that from personal experience. The threaded end tightens nicely and I have not yet had one come apart on me in actual use.

Finally, the metal type have turned out the worst for me. This is mostly because the press-on cap, or the edge of the cassette body, deforms to the point where it becomes almost impossible for me to get the caps on. This usually happens within a couple of uses for me. I have also had three cassettes ends pop off on me in actual field use.

My recent experience with the metal cassettes have been so bad that I have quit using them altogether and rely completely on the plastic ones and the proprietary Leica and Contax ones. Of course your mileage may vary, I have very shaky hands and that may be part of the reason I have trouble with the universal metal ones.