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What's your thinking on glassless vs glass carriers? What I've read says that the tradeoff is Glass=flatter negs but possible dust where glassless = less dust issues but possible negative warping.

That all makes sense to me, but what does it MEAN? I mean, is the amount of warping in a glassless carrier really a problem? Is the dust in a glass carrier a problem?

(Already found a PDF for the manual, but thanks all the same. This is the most awesome group ever!)

Edit: OOps! I see that Larry and I cross-posted. Thanks for the info.

Does that mean that my universal glass carrier will work with the 6x7 negs off my RB67?
Without a glass carrier, the negatives may start to curl due to the heat from the lamp. When they do, it can be hard to end up with the entire negative being in focus. As the amount of enlargement increases, the problem increases, but a larger glassless carrier may have more trouble holding the negative securely.

Your universal glass carrier should work with your 6 x 7 negatives.

And your 35mm negatives too.