Have fun! It is absolutely great fun. I have an old Isolette 1 I am practicing on. I decided it wasn't really worth much and so any damage done experimenting was free experience.

My lens came out along with the focusing helical itself, which is not really supposed to happen. I put them both in a small glass bottle, covered the assembly with some Goo-Gone (which for all I know may be as bad as WD-40), and walked away for a month. When I returned the two pieces came apart very easily and all the old, green, goo cleaned out of the threads using only some Dawn dish soap, an old toothbrush, and some hot water. I have not yet re-assembled it, but, aside from a final lens cleaning, everything appears ready to go back together. I have been holding off until I got around to buying some real lens helical lubricant, but have just about decided to just go with a small dab of white grease and some q-tips.

My next step is to construct a homemade bellows as the old one reveals more points of light than the sky at night. I have no idea whether it will work at all when I finish but I am having great fun with it anyway.