This is a followup on an earlier thread in which Dan Fromm pointed me to an Ilex #3 shutter as a suitable mounting platform for a Berthiot f/14 Perigraphe. (Mine happens to be the 120mm No. 3, but several focal lengths use the same barrel in my understanding.)

After a little bit of searching and an unfortunate misadventure with an Ilex #3 *Electronic* shutter (you know why they're so cheap? BECAUSE YOU CAN'T TRIGGER THEM MANUALLY!), I scored an Acme #3---it actually came with a decent-looking 215mm Acutar---and confirmed that the Perigraphe is a nice fit. I shimmed the threads with a little strip of cardstock to get a more secure fit, and the result is attached.

I'm mostly posting this for the benefit of future searchers, since these little lenses are reasonably abundant and cheap. Hi, future searchers; go get yourself an Ilex #3. (Acme or Universal should work, but not the Kodak versions.)

When the lensboard arrives, hopefully in the next few days, I'll try it out for performance.