HAPPY ENDING! KODAK MASTER VIEW !!!! My friend Peter Geo who has several ads on craigslist for buying photo stuff received a voice call today about 3:00 pm. Message said "I have a Kodak Master 8x10 camera for sale"...

He called me and I said set up a meeting. Then I called the cops, relayed whats happening. So we drove over to the area where this guy/thief lived (In Riverside...what are the odds it isn't mine right?). Called dispatch again and waited for at least a half hour.

Finally, Peter decided to go up and check it out. Parked in the drive, the dude came out with the camera and I received a text "It's yours". The guy wanted $300 so Peter said he needed to go to the ATM..came back to where I was waiting and we called the police again. They had a domestic violence to attend to so by now, the thief/tweaker was calling and getting anxious. So I decided lets just buy it back for the $300.

Peter went back, paid the $300 for the camera (no case), dark cloth and returned. Just then a squad car came and we relayed the events. As I was talking to the officer, Peter noticed the dude and a girl walking down the block behind us so the cop went to check it out. Another squad arrived and we told him we have the camera but no case. He left, came back and said the guy had $300 on him, what do we want to do?

I said if the case (a nice photo backpacker one) and the $300 was returned, we won't press charges. The cop said they still might arrest him, and were going to arrest his GF as she had a warrant out.

10 minutes later, the case and $300 were handed over.

Pretty awesome on the timing of things. Many thanks to Peter for calling me right away. The network works!

Missing the Ground Glass. For some reason it was removed or maybe broke. All in all, it looked good! Glad it's back and in just a little over 48 hours!