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Oh no! That sucks! That sand hill leading down to the lake was unforgiving. I don't think you were the only one to get stuck, there was a jeep buried to the axle on Friday afternoon. It was good to meet you at any rate!
It was terrific to meet everyone. Nary a single bad conversation to be had. While I was stuck, I watched a guy with a Chevy Blazer whose front axle was no longer receiving power almost get stuck, and a pickup truck with 4wd struggle a bit. Both of them stopped to lament the fact that they didn't have a towing strap with them that day and offer condolences. Given how far off the shoulder I was, I'm glad they didn't try to pull me out and I waited for the tow truck. I'm now poorer but wiser for the experience.

Final roll count for the four days on the ground -
7 rolls Ilford Delta 400
1 roll Ilford HP5+
3 rolls Kodak Ektar 100
2 rolls Kodak Portra 160
1 roll Kodak Portra 400

The jumble of color film was because I was trying to burn off some odd ends of pro packs.

I also got what may well turn out to be my new avatar - a photo of me with my pair of Rolleiflexes, and the Rolleis are wearing my Wayfarers