Back to the OP's question about the cost of metal field cameras in 4x5, there aren't nearly as many metal as there are wood, especially in the under $1000 territory. You might be able to find an older Toyo 45A that would be all-metal, and a very versatile camera, in that range. You might also get lucky and find a used Canham DLX under $1K, but that would require luck. And it's a different design than most, so I wouldn't recommend it as a first 4x5 (I do highly recommend it as a view camera, just not a first one). There are gobs of monorail cameras out there that would fit your bill, though. Frankly, I'd look for a Sinar F or F2. You'll have all the movements you need and then some, in a very reliable, flexible system camera. There are TONS of spare parts and accessories out there for it, and if you want to grow into 8x10 or 5x7 later, it is easy enough to upgrade with a new rear standard and bellows without having to buy a whole new camera.