Ever since I got my 503CW last year, I can't put the thing down. Hasselblad and B&H tag teamed to twist my arm into submission. Hassey with it promo - buy a 503CW, and A12 back, get the CW Winder for free and then B&H with an incredibly low priced 80mm CFE demo for sale. How can a weak man like me resist. And it was yellow to boot. Alright maybe not a plus for many of you, but still...

As for the lenses, they are worth every penny. Since then, I have bought a 50mm CFi, 120mm Makro-Planar CFi and 180mm CFi. The pics come out crisper than fried chicken. Truely awesome. I can't say enough about the camera system and its lenses especially.

Now, since I'm just a hobbyist and spending large amounts of money is not an option, just medium large amounts, I'll tell you a secret...I bought all three of the last lenses on e-Bay and KEH and saved myself a fortune. The key is patience. You have to wait for your lens to come up and you should wait for 'star' sellers on e-Bay. Ask lots of questions too and don't bid until you are sure the lens and seller are legit. Most lenses go for 50% of the original price. The other key is the CFi versus CFE designation. I have a 503 so the newer CFE lenses, which are more, have an added feature which is worthless for me, so I look for the CFi models. The CFE models have the electronic contacts for the 200 series Hasseys.

I took all three of lenses to local shop that I trust to have them looked over and they were all in 'Like New' condition with their optics being unblemished.

Buy a Hassey, you'll enjoy it for the next half century at least. Future archeologist will dig up my yellow one before they DNA my bones.