1.) I'd be happy to move to California. I'm tired of summer in Dallas anyway. However I'd have to leave my wife here and that would not be a smart idea.
2.) The $8.10 anywhere in the world deal...well, in this case I think it is $810.00 Same numbers, though.
3.) The M-10 may have been the first 3 motor recorder made, and it was introduced prior to all the gimmicky stuff (like 4 channel stereo and echo and other things). This was an impulse buy. Long story, but my income varied night to night then. I was heading back to my apartment as Fat Boy's was opening, I stopped to see what people had defaulted on and walked out lugging this.
4.) I was kidding, but I think you know that. You should always look at Anna. I hope you liked her. Did you know that for about 5 years France owned Texas? If you like French, you may enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq6YPbcMyNk