I got this when I first picked up my Contax IIa, thinking I would eventually want to branch into different focal-length lenses. But I haven't, mostly because i enjoy the camera because of its simplicity and compactness, which makes it easy to use for candids (Street, etc.) ... adding a finder makes using it more complex and cumbersome. If I want different focal lengths, I have SLRs.

So, this is for sale. It's a fairly rare pre-war Turret finder from Jena. Model No. 436/4. Covers focal lengths 8.5cm; 18cm; 135cm; 5cm; 2.8cm. The 180 is visible in the finder when you look through the 28, which is, I think, why they only made this version for a short time.

Everything moves smoothly and you can clearly see the frame through each finder. It's useable as is. Cosmetically in good condition for its age but the optics do seem a little hazy to me. Certainly not bad for being 80 years old. No fungus or any other permanent problem. But I have priced this according to its condition.

$100 sent via Paypal will get this shipped to your CONUS address. International shipping will cost extra.

photo (8).JPG